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What’s carpooling and ridesharing?

A carpool is simply two or more people agreeing to make a trip sharing one vehicle, often a regular car.  Ridesharing is another term for two or more people traveling together in one vehicle. It can be used interchangeably with carpooling.

Why should I carpool?

When you carpool, everybody benefits. You save money and lessen the stress of driving everyday. You also play an important part in helping ease traffic congestion, cutting fuel consumption, and reducing air pollution and global warming. Ridesharing is also a great way to network with other winter sports lovers, make new mountain buddies you’ll ride with on the slopes. Driving with company can make your trip a more enjoyable experience.

If I don’t have a car, can I still participate?

Sure! When you post a journey indicate you are looking for seat(s) so others can find you on their next trip to the slopes.

I’ve just found journeys I’m interested in. What should I do now?

You can comment on the journey and a notification will be sent instantly to the author of the post. If you want to compose a private message you must first connect with the member – send a connection request. 

Once you’ve made the initial contact and the author has responded, we suggest you discuss your trip. Some good topics include:

  • Connect with each other and exchange contact information.
  • When your trip will take place. 
  • Who will drive, if you’ll be sharing the trip.
  • Meetup/pickup time and place for both ends of the trip
  • Food, beverage, smoking and perfume/cologne usage
  • How long drivers will wait for tardy passengers
  • Who is notified if someone is sick
  • Costs to cover the journey expenses. This is an direct agreement between you and the other member. 
  • Make sure drivers have valid licenses and vehicle insurance.

Why can’t I message another member?

Members must be connected before they can message each other. This is to allow you to control your inbox from unwanted messaged from non connected members.

Is ridesharing safe?

Statistics show ridesharing is very safe; however, it is always important to keep personal safety in mind, particularly when trying something new. If you are considering ridesharing with people you do not know, we suggest meeting in a public place like a local coffee shop before starting to carpool. The meeting will serve two purposes. First, you’ll have a chance to discuss your ideas on setting up a carpool without committing yourself to it. Second, you’ll be able to assess your comfort level with the other person(s). Ask questions and trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable about someone, don’t carpool with that person.You can simply say it doesn’t seem like a good match to you.

What is good carpool etiquette?

Every carpool is unique, but good etiquette is essential to keep it running smoothly. Good etiquette takes into account communication, courtesy, and the safety of everyone in the carpool.


  • Communicate with your fellow carpoolers. If you’re running a few minutes late, call them and let them know, but don’t let it become a habit. If you can’t carpool on a particular day due to a schedule conflict, give your carpool partners ample notice so they can make other arrangements.
  • Drive safely at all times.
  • Keep your vehicle clean and in good condition.
  • Respect any rules the carpool has agreed upon, such as restrictions on smoking, eating, or drinking.


  • Make a habit of being late.
  • Ask your carpoolers to make extra stops along the way so you can take care of personal errands.
  • Bring up controversial topics such as religion or politics unless you know your carpoolers very well. While some people may enjoy discussing or even debating the issues, others may prefer a quieter commute.
  • Have lengthy cell phone conversations while you’re in the carpool.

Can you carpool without a passenger licence?

Carpooling is allowed without a passenger licence, as are a number of exempt services such as charities, district health boards, and home or community support services.

More information from the NZTA can be found here – https://nzta.govt.nz/walking-cycling-and-public-transport/travelling-for-business/reduce-costs-of-travel-to-work/carpooling/