Terms & Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Use of the Snow Riders NZ (Snow Riders) platform will introduce you to people registered with the Snow Riders NZ platform for the purposes of Shared Transport or any other service offered by the Snow Riders NZ. We cannot and do not assess the suitability of Users. We have little or no control over the truth or accuracy of the data Users may provide, the ability of Users to drive legally and safely, the condition of their vehicles, their criminal background etc. We do not verify that a User has met all the eligibility requirements for the Snow Riders or that any other part of a User’s profile information is true and accurate, or even that a User is who they claim to be. Background or other checks are not normally performed; even where background, MVR or other checks have been performed, we cannot guarantee that the results of those checks are accurate or up to date. You are solely responsible for selecting the individuals and/or entities with whom you travel. If you do not feel comfortable sharing a ride for any reason, you should use another means of transportation. You acknowledge and agree that under no circumstances will Snow Riders NZ Entities or Snow Riders NZ Partners have any responsibility, liability or obligation with respect to any of the trips that you may take as a result of using the Snow Riders NZs.


Requirements to Access the Service


* you are at least 18 years of age;

* you have not have committed any felony or serious criminal offense (including but not limited to a sexual offense and/or a violence-related offense) ever or any misdemeanor within the past three (3) years.

For Drivers:

* you are at least 18 years of age;

* you have a current and valid driver’s license;

* you carry all insurance required by law in order to operate a motor vehicle in the state/county/country where your vehicle is registered;

* you have no record of convictions for serious driving offenses;

* you are medically fit to act as a Driver;

* you have volunteered to be a driver and have not been designated by a group or company as a driver and receive no compensation from a group or company for driving; you are an independent party participating, with others, in a voluntary, not for profit, ridesharing arrangement.


Users are advised to check with their insurance provider to ensure that their coverage extends to carpooling and ridesharing. If at any time you do not meet or continue to meet the eligibility requirements listed in this section, you must notify us immediately and you will have no right to use or continue to use the Snow Riders NZ. Snow Riders NZ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse or deny access to the Snow Riders NZ to any individual for any reason or no reason. Particular Shared Transport programs may require additional or separate certifications to be made by Riders and Drivers and may require Snow Riders NZ to conduct background, Motor Vehicle Registration (or similar) or credit checks. Access to such programs is conditional on (i) those certifications being completed and kept up to date, (ii) Rider and Drivers permitting Snow Riders NZ to perform all relevant checks, including on an ongoing basis and (iii) Rider and Driver informing Snow Riders NZ of any incidents, accidents or changes of circumstances that may or do affect the results or status of these certifications.